Digital Learning with American Cancer Society

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NCCRT Learning Center is a digital learning platform that features courses, calculator tools, and other resources on colorectal cancer screening delivery and research. We were tasked with conceptualizing an easy to use learning module and integrated custom planning tools, built on a customized WordPress LMS platform.

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UX Strategy and Design

Information Architecture

User Interface Design

Frontend Development

Backend Development

HIPAA Compliance

Custom WordPress

Ongoing Maintenance & Support


Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NCCRT) is an inclusive, accessible organization dedicated to engaging public, private, medical and civic organizations in an effort to promote colorectal cancer prevention and early detection. The NCCRT and the American Cancer Society conduct extensive market research to better understand and address screening disparities. NCCRT courses share significant findings from this market research and further recommends how to educate, empower, and mobilize those who are not getting screened for colorectal cancer.


In building this platform, we focused on building well designed and structured course delivery and planning tools, while engaging the users and creating an easy, frictionless onboarding process. Users can create an account to track their progress, learn when new content is released, and access more courses as they become available. The website uses a heavily modified WordPress LMS system, that we adapted to the specific needs of the client, including custom data fields and a completely templated and customized way to build course content within the LMS.

Unique Features

The most unique aspect of the platform is the colonoscopy needs calculator. This calculator is designed to estimate the number of colonoscopies your practice or healthcare system may require with a high quality stool-based colorectal cancer screening program, based on a specific patient population. The calculator will also provide you with an estimated cost of providing colonoscopies for patients that require screening by colonoscopy either based on their personal risk or for patients that receive an abnormal result on a stool-based test. This cost can then be compared to an approximate cost to treat the estimated number of cancer cases if screening is not prioritized.


We crafted an interactive learning and planning platform that provides personalized training and interactive financial modeling to healthcare professionals.




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